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Poolmans Baking cups is a relatively small company which makes us: flexible , groundbreaking , well disposed and distinctive.

We strive to be personally involved in each customer’s needs and wishes. We provide a dedicated contact person and short decision lines. This ensures low overhead costs for the best product that meets all your wishes.


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The history of Poolmans Baking Cups

The history of Poolmans Baking Cups goes back to 1956 to the center of The Hague. Our plant was located in the city center in a historic mansion. Although this was a beautiful location, there were many disadvantages. For example, the loading and unloading of cargo caused quite a hassle as the whole street had to be closed off.

Over the years we have developed and marketed a range of unique products. Due to these innovations we were able to grow nationally as well as internationally. Our production quantity rose to such a high level that we were forced to search for a bigger production plant. We decided to move away from The Hague, to the beautiful south of Limburg, which is more centrally located.


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In 1982 Poolmans Baking Cups settled in Landgraaf in the industrial area Abdissenbosch. At this location , we have enhanced our assortment with doilies. Here we were able to welcome industrial customers due to the development of special denesting techniques.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to grow any further at this location. This caused us to move to Amperestraat 14-16 in Landgraaf in 2006. This location is conveniently located near to the German and Belgian borders.

Our Newest Location

As even this located proved to be to small after a short amount of time, we purchased a new building located at the Amperestraat 11-13.  Taking in account the explosive growth our company has experienced, we chose a building that is four times the size of the previous building. Here we can produce our products using modern techniques and complying with high hygiene standards.

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The company

In our company we have our own R&D department at our disposal as well as a high tech production facility at an central and international location in landgraaf, the south of Limburg. Due to our large storage capacity and production area we are able to produce over 2 billion cups a year. Our dynamic and divers team works in shifts. Staff en production employees combined amount up to a total of over 50 employees.

Our Suppliers

Poolmans Baking Cups would not be able to produce high quality cups and doilies without its first-rate suppliers. We choose to build a long lasting relationship with our suppliers in which we merely purchase resources that comply with the standard for direct food contact. Our resources are certificated by leading institutes such as Isega and Innventia.

We have developed several unique qualities for our baking cups. These qualities range from lightweight materials starting at 32grms/m2 up to heavyweight materials of 150 grms/m2. These resources can be siliconised, non-bleached or pre-colored in every possible color. We have also developed special kinds of materials for the purpose of automatic processing. We can also produce aluminum cups.

Our newest development is a cup that consists completely out of starch. This starch cups is edible and becomes one with the content whilst baking.

The choice of supplier ensures that we can provide you with the highest quality baking cups and doilies for stable and low prices. On top of this our products are completely free from color-, odor- and taste transfer (except for the edible cups). 


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