Poolmans Baking Cups produces Cups and Doilies. Our employees work in our production with much love and dedication for the products, this combined with their expertise and experience ensures that we produce the best cups and doilies. Our production manager and engineering specialist ensure that each employee is able to do its job well. Quality checks are performed continuously to ensure that the product is meeting your standards.


By using fully automated production lines, we guarantee that each order will be produced in time. It is possible to produce an exact number of cups in a nest. This might be of importance for pre-mixed baking products and consumer packages in which the amount of cups should be exact.

We have our own engineering department at our disposal in our factory. This ensures that we are able to produce 24/7, and that malfunctions are handles immediately. 

We also build our own machinery and tools, which significantly reduces development costs for our customer.


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