The edible cup

This is a unique product exclusively developed and produced by us. These edible cups are made from starch. The cups are available in several colors and different tastes.  The cups can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and qualities.

 The aluminum cups

These are manufactured from laminated aluminum foil.  Aluminum cups can be produced in a wide range of colors and are available in a variety of sizes.
We can guarantee an exact number of cups per stack.









The muffin wrappers

We have developed our muffin wrappers for an artisan and stylish look. These cups are available in big and small sizes and in unbleached or colored material. 











American Style muffin cups

These cups are often used to improve baking in baking tins. The product is very easily removed from the baking tin due to the rim and the baking tin itself remains clean. 

 Your can order these American Style muffin cups with flat or round rims. The rims provide extra sturdiness and the cups are easily processed in automatic lines.  A big advantage of these cups is that a lighter quality can still provide sufficient sturdiness.









Tulip cups

This cup has been exclusively developed by us and is an innovative alternative for the muffin wrappers. The tulip cups can be produced in any color, even for small orders. Unlike the muffin wrappers that are produced per piece the tulip cups are manufactured in stacks. Therefore we are able to provide these cups at a better price.